African Art in Venice Forum


Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal

1332 Piazza San Marco, 30124 Venezia

Venezia, Veneto, IT, 30124

Participants will discover how current artistic and curatorial projects are finding new ways to articulate the deep relationships between the African continent and the Caribbean region, fostering new forms of South-South creative collaborations.

“To open new roads,

let the breath of art trace

unexplored paths,

as climbers

struggling with new paths,

letting the experience of the time traveled so far

create wealth and

reverses predatory energies.”


Giscard Bouchotte, Curator, Haiti Pavilion 2019

Jenny Feal, artist, Cuba

Sara Alonso Gómez, Co-founder, Calle C | researcher and curator

Albertine Kopp, Head, Caribbean Art Initiative

Gabriele Salmi, Co-founder, Calle C

Presented in collaboration with Calle C and Caribbean Art Initiative.