Maggio 7


03:00 pm - 04:15 pm

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African Art in Venice Forum


When talking about technology and its cultural impact, the American-led internet and Silicon Valley are always taken as the global technological standard. This disregards important parallel histories of technological development in different regions across the world, that are shaping the future of digital technologies. Looking at questions of techno-epistemologies, extractivism, algorithmic colonialism and digital activism, artistic practices related to Africa have engaged with technology through a wide spectrum of conceptual and creative methodologies. The panel will address current artistic practices in this field and the related platforms for international research and curatorial presentation.

“[…] now billions of Earthlings carry little bits of Africa around with them in their pockets.”

–Benjamin Bratton


Francois Knoetze, artist

Emo de Medeiros, artist

Tabita Rezaire, artist

Arthur Steiner, Programme Manager, Digital Earth, Hivos

Presented in collaboration with Digital Earth.

Image: Emo de Medeiros, Vodunaut #003 (Hyperfeeler), 2016. Courtesy of the artist.